Shelley Castleberry

*Update * Shelley has gone home to be with the Lord.. Please pray for Perry, family and friends. That God be glorified through this time of remembering His goodness and His precious daughter Shelley.

May-16 / last prayer 3h ago
Summer Allen

Please pray for our family friends, whose home was flooded for a second time this year.

May-13 / last prayer 5h ago
Michele Coronis

My childhood friend, Amber, and her mom, Alicia, both have breast cancer.

May-06 / last prayer 3h ago
Bob Kozlowski

Bob has an aortic aneurysm at the aortic root, surgery is May 31st. For Bob's fears to be calmed. Especially for full reconciliation to Christ and complete healing. For Karen's peace and God's glory.

May-16 / last prayer 3h ago

My daughter Trinity and her emotional well being. My family and our financial wellness, so that we may be able to do that which the Lord has called us to do.

May-20 / last prayer 3h ago
Kayla McBride

Hi I am now 33 weeks pregnant and at our last appointment 4/29 I was told I have high blood pressure. Please pray that my blood pressure returns to a normal range and my blood sugar levels are healthy

May-01 / last prayer 5h ago
Melody Copeland

A woman filed a lawsuit against me because our deceased dog for over a year snapped at her when she unknowingly entered our home. Pray God dissolves this quickly! I don’t need this!!!

May-02 / last prayer 5h ago

Danner has been battling leukemia for the last 3 years. No treatments are working. Pray for healing of body but also pray for a strong relationship with the Lord so that he may glorify the Lord.

Apr-30 / last prayer 5h ago
The Polks and Linda Barrick

Linda Barrick broke her right shoulder Friday night. Please pray for safe travels for the Polks and Linda Barrick, leaving Wednesday (5/8/24) returning 21st of May.

May-06 / last prayer 5h ago
Cynthia Davis

Bryan and his three children, for protection and for Bryan to be awarded full custody. For Cynthia's strength and patience as she cares for the children during the day.

May-20 / last prayer 5h ago
Rich Piasecki

Pray for my sister, who has cancer and her body will not accept a cure. Pray that she finds peace and the Lord, so that she will be saved.

May-13 / last prayer 5h ago
Jay Yurth

**Update** Jay is now unconscious and his passing is eminent 5/13/24. Jay needs Jesus before his passing. Also for Jay's wife, Mel, and son, Jaden.

May-07 / last prayer 5h ago

Please pray for my son, that he will do well in his test at work. Testing has always been hard on him because of the way his brain works, but with Our Lord’s help, he can be successful.

May-16 / last prayer 5h ago
Pam Swanson

My mom, Pam Swanson to have complete healing of her right shoulder replacement. She's having complications.

May-20 / last prayer 3h ago
The Zapata Family

For the Zapata family, for the temporary restraining order to be made permanent on June 15th. For their continued safety and for a permanent housing solution of their own.

May-06 / last prayer 5h ago
Piper Olsen

Piper was sent to Dell's Children's Hospital with an abscess and her throat half closed. The ER doctor said, "I've never seen this before!" Her throat was open and the abscess gone. Glory to God!!

May-06 / last rejoice 5h ago

For my dear friend Dora's salvation, I have been sharing my faith with her. Dora has serious health issues and in financial crisis, she has not been able to work. Healing, enough to return to work.

May-06 / last prayer 5h ago